About Clinical Trials:

A clinical trial is essentially a scientific study involving people. All study-related costs, including travel, are reimbursed.

Often these are done by a pharmaceutical company in collaboration with independent investigators to help establish whether an investigational medicine is reliable, safe and effective for a particular disease or condition.

These clinical trials are used by authorities such as the Ministry of Health in New Zealand, the Department of Health in Australia or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States.

Clinical trials are carefully designed and monitored. Sometimes they may continue so they can help define in more detail who else might benefit from the medicine, and whether this medicine has any other applications.

Clinical trials also allow doctors to measure the extent of the investigational medicine's effect, so they can predict with some confidence how much benefit other patients with the same condition will get and whether there are any potential side effects that doctors need to be aware of.

There are strict laws governing the conduct of clinical research studies to protect you and your rights.


Here are comments from some of the participants who have taken part in our previous trials...

"Participation in this study has been an extremely positive experience for me."

"I found the staff to be friendly, efficient and empathetic to any questions or concerns I may have had."

"During my frequent visits ... the staff have always treated me with courtesy and respect. They are mindful of the fact that I have limited time due to my employment and make every effort to expedite my visits."


Should you qualify for a clinical trial and you decide to take part, you will receive detailed information about the process and how things work. This information explains why the study is being conducted, what your participation would involve, likely benefits, any risks, and what happens when the study ends.


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