Mild cognitive impairment (minor memory loss) can be something people worry about as they grow older. 

From the age of 50 onwards, it's not uncommon to forget things. Sometimes this is nothing to worry about, just a symptom of busy lives, growing older and having too much on your mind, while other times it's something that needs a bit more attention.

As with most things, early detection and action can sometimes have significant benefits. 

Alzheimer's disease disrupts connections in the brain, causing memories and functions to fade. Over time, this puts long-term memory at risk and can impair your ability to do things independently.

Most experts agree that Alzheimer's disease dementia is related to build-up of protein "plaques" and "tangles" in the brain.

Put very simply, if left to develop, these build-ups can hurt the neurons (the nerve cells in the brain) and as this damage progresses, your memory loss will worsen.

Often the first stages of this condition involve forgetting small things.